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We are playing the Venue next Thursday night supporting Enon. The latest is that the gig will be for free and will be used as a showcase. This is the same night at the MTV EMAs and it just so happens that a certain Britney Spears is having a party there later on in the night so I may attempt to give her some bad chat.

Aye, right!


Sky took us out for a free bar escapade last night. Belushi’s, an inexplicably Australian-themed bar (staffed by Aussies) down by the station. Worked our way along the taps having a pint of each. Flirted outrageously with Carrie Oakey, featuring U2 and Stealer’s Wheel. Actually I remember Al and myself bemusedly receiving a bottle of champagne for our vocal efforts.
Entered the blinkered stage of pishedness where consequences are forgotten and the only motivation is to keep knocking back the mangle.

Seriously not legal this morning/afternoon. It is HALLOWEEN and I am PISHED.


It feels like a long time since I last contributed anything to TF so I’m going to take some time out today to write up a few things. I’m not sure if Aaron and myself are going to manage a collaborative effort on a holiday report or not… It’s a pretty big undertaking and trying to remember everything is extremely difficult, partly due to the incredible amount of time we were intoxicated. It’s a very worthwhile task though so hold tight and you should get it before the end of the year.

So what have I been up to of late…?
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tequila and media slags.

Ohhh.. Last night was messy. The annual graphic design party, where the 3rd years strip the studio of its expensive ephemera, fill it with toxic booze, and introduce the second years to some serious substance abuse. The casualty list this morning was pretty high.. One hospitalisation, (ambulence et all) I was nearly another* and countless sprained ankles, etc. due to rather hilarious drinking games. Pics to follow. Anyway; needless to say, i’m feeling fucking awful today, after near consuming the contents of the lovely D.U.S.A. on my tod. And I have an egg on my head the size of a.. rather big egg : /
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up date on a drunken american

hey all. i am again back in ohio, went to chicage over the weekend. i have been super busy with college. i started working with this amazing filmmaker and now will be driving to cleveland every weekend to work with him, plus shooting my own shit…i have no fucking time. i am going to seatle in november for thanksgiving. i dont think i can come visit over new years due to lack of funding…aka broke ass me. but will probablly be going to las vegas to gamble away what ever money i do have. so anyone want to meet me in vegas?