Monthly Archives: September 2003

favourite sarcastic exclamation

Bipolar boy today. Feel strangely manic and capable. Making daring plans.
Scotsified email of the day:

A linguistic professor in Canada was discussing the structure of the English language, telling his class:

“In English, a double negative forms a positive. In other languages – such as Russian – a double negative remains a negative. However, there is no language where a double positive can form a negative.”

At which a Scottish voice piped up from the back:

“Aye right!”

nails-hard party boy. etc.

So a record-breakingly debauched weekend really. Been trying to do different things, get some variety into the weekends. Hence out to Glasgow with Al. Got comprehensively wired on a wide variety of intoxicants from 7pm Fri right through to 3pm Sat.

The Arches is a brick-arched kiln. Like some enormous sweaty hobbit hole with creative lighting. Various DJs on. Some good bits, some boring bits. Reasonable crowd ranging widely from the scarred neds to the designer beautiful. All fairly centred around pharmaceuticals.

After 3 hours emergency crash returned to Edinburgh with Disco to essentially repeat the performance. Was an excellent turnout though neither of us were on best form towards the very end : )
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