Monthly Archives: August 2003

cndnsd smmry f lds

bands enjoyed: interpol, grandaddy, elbow, the thrills, hundred reasons, the darkess, the rapture, yeah yeah yeahs, catalyst
bands loved: the kills
phone numbers acquired: 3
bottles of vodka consumed: 2
general mischief level: high
things gained: 1 x pink floppy hat, jolly memories
things lost: 1 x prescription mirrored ray-bans, many brain cells

sustained self-abuse

I need a night off. Weekend at Leeds with Monkey Boy was fantastic. Night out with Spektra kids last night ended waayyy later than intended. Have to attend Bannerman’s for some enki action tonight. Hopefuly sleep at some point.

i. shooter of the week is the refreshing Hammer Time featuring Polish 80% vodka, absinthe and red aftershock.
ii. be sure to check out my new book if you get a second.

5min break…

Bit of a storming weekend, all in all. Seems to have extended itself right up until last night, too. Can’t be long. As usual, am at work, and having an MSF-tastic night here at the friendly ISP. 30 Home gateways down, 5000 business users per HG, and learning more new swearwords by the minuite. Erm. Here goes:
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festival revue I

Some Edinburgh Festival magic last night.

Way back in the mists of the 90s there were 3 chaps called the Doug Anthony All Stars who did obscure, filthy, musical comedy. The main guy is back this year with Paul McDermott, Cameron Bruce and Mick Moriarty are GUD. They are charming and funny. They viciously slated Aberdeen. Go see them if you get a spare night.

For the 22:50 slot we went along to Die at the Pleasance. Well… you can read what I thought of that on the fringe site.