Monthly Archives: July 2003


It really is a web cliche to apologise for lack of posting but honest guv, you wouldn’t believe how full the week’s been.
Check the time ffs, still at work. You need time to do journalistic justice to last weekend. Quality reportage an all. Will rectify soon as I can.
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talkabout, walkabout

Another hangover to sharpen up the skills this morning. Story follows if you’re bored.

Escaped from the late shift last night to enjoin with the BG punters (featuring [D|F]unc) at Frazer’s. After a couple of posh lubricating Deuchars, Calum made the fateful call: we were to head for the grand opening of some place called Walkabout down Leith way. Alarms bells rang in some unheeded sober place in our brains.
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I have of late lost my mirth

thursday and mean
Strangely in a foul mood today. The hangover and the late shift doesn’t help I suppose. Two chaps’ leaving efforts today mean beerage is already in effect and I’m not there. Arse.

space biscuits
Remember the spooky face on mars? Proving that the ancient Egyptians had mastered interplanetary travel, or something? Now they’ve discovered a far more sinister monument: the happy face crater. Proving that biscuits are from space.
And I know you don’t need this link but I can’t not mention the beloved nice cup of tea and a sit down.
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Aaron and I checked out Sons and Daughters and Happy Stuart and the Sleepy Zeds last night at the Venue. Fantastic show in my opinion, was impressed with the folky SAD and the melancholic soundscapes of the Z’s. The addition of the mighty Bee Thousand to the bill would have been a complete error of judgement.

Interesting conversations in Pevo beforehand however (in between the Z’s having to nip away because of their hayfever) regarding the existence of a “HumanZee”. I’ve done a bit of digging this morning and come across this and this regarding Oliver. Makes for interesting reading, very Elephant Man-esque.