Monthly Archives: June 2003


The party kicked off on Friday night at about 20.30 and continued until about 05.30 (for me anyway). I think the last people left somewhere around 7am. I must admit that it did get quiet at the reasonably early time of 3am, this being due to the weekend working commitments of some of the hardcore posse, P Moseley and A Bell included. Although A Bell did stay over at mine cause he was well up for it.
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Google have begun to sort out their blog-crawling policy, to reduce noise and include PHP pages correctly (like ours). It appears TF got crawled again this week. Some consequences:

(i) the TF front page is properly listed as Google result #5 for taking fire.

(ii) reebeast turns out to be unique on the web (!), including his trolling on : )

(iii) yes, it took some time but it finally came through. Search for focknig and make sure you click repeat the search with the omitted results included for a comprehensive history of usage. Note there is now one other instance of the word, and it is hilarious. I’ll leave the link as an exercise for the reader.

just got told this in the canteen…

A woman is like a deck of cards:

you need a heart to love her

you need a diamond to marry her

you need a club to smash her fucking face in

and you need a spade to bury the bitch

You could easily say the same about guys so don’t be mad girls!

weekly report

Another week draws to a close bringing forth yet another weekend of debauchery. Bring it on.

Things I’ve been up to this week have included mostly:

Harry Potter:

Yes, I am about 400 pages into the latest Harry Potter opus and am enjoying it immensely – there are a couple of characters that I could really do without but on the whole it’s great fun. I can proudly admit that I have read all the Harry Potter books without having to spend a single penny. Not that JK would worry…
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bummed in the USA

How adults have sex has up until now been a matter for the police in 13 states of the US. Yesterday though the Supreme Court finally ruled that John and Tyron from Houston, Texas can indeed bum one another senseless without fear of prosecution. This effectively makes arse-banditry legal throughout the US. From Grauniad:

“Of the 13 states with sodomy laws, four – Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri – prohibit oral and anal sex between same-sex couples. The other nine ban consensual sodomy for everyone: Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.”

The fact that anything like this can be dictated by law is clearly ludicrous. When you add the fact that the two guys in question were then listed on the sex offenders’ register, it’s just scary. I guess those of us in Ohio are safe though.

dreams, farewells, exhibits, nukes

Do you ever wake up from emotionally intense dreams that fuck you up for the rest of the day? Happens to me far too often. You’ve either been hanging out with people that are dead, or ex-girlfriends, or just in situations that haven’t been. I’m applying for a new dream commissioner, the current one has something against me.
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slaughter and strife

Following the two incidents resulting in recent British casualties in Iraq, Donnie “Darko” Rumsfeld says:

Their deaths are a sober reminder that while major combat in Iraq and Afghanistan is over, our country and coalition forces remain engaged in a difficult and dangerous war: the global war on terror… Every day in Iraq and Afghanistan, throughout the world, brave men and women risk their lives to defend us all from terror.

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