Monthly Archives: May 2003

never, never

sleep with your contacts in. At best you wake up and you appear to be looking through a white plastic bag for a few hours. At worst (this morning) you peel them off and have Dawn Of The Dead eyes for the rest of the day.

Big launch party last night for the client company. Met lots of exceptionally well-dressed folk and drank fairly effectively. Unwisely spun through Evol afterwards; briefly amusing to be kilted in the palace of crust. Three hours sleep and into work to swap stories and drink machine coffee. Mmm.

killing the princess

also if anyone would give paul a good slap in the face and tell him thats for being a lazy ass muther fucker who can’t call his “friend” caitlin even once . umm yeah take this a free chance to smack him. he can hit me back when he gets his book selling ass over here.


SMiLE, because life is good…

…with this man around.

Especially when he does things like this. This is a truly “once in a lifetime event”… I thought seeing Pet Sounds live was special. This is what many Beach Boys fans have waited almost 40 years for. SMiLE, his first full project after Pet Sounds, was never released, and no-one really knows what the complete record sounded like.

The fact that he is revisiting something he believed in but didn’t have the courage to release at the time (due to his insistence on keeping ‘good vibes’ with the rest of the Beach Boys, who didn’t approve of the direction of SMiLE) is amazing.

To quote the Capitol Records exec who he dealt with at the time:

“I think Pet Sounds was just the baby being born…”

aand relax…

Well, the last project crit for 2nd year has just concluded, with me getting some pretty positive feedback.. the shit shovelling is almost over. Just got a big end of yr assesment next fri, and from there I’m free as a duck-billed platypus. Fantastic.

*grins like a loony*

Going to see matrix reloaded now, to celebrate..