Monthly Archives: April 2003

uncleblog II

Well sports fans, reebeast and I are finally uncles.

At 22:03 Shelley introduced Kira Marjorie Janet Bell, 7lbs of screaming infant goodness. Well done kids (like it was difficult, shuh). How cool is that?

And Stu, keep your frankly inappropriate comments to yourself : )

uncleblog I

For those who didn’t know, my brother Richard and the lovely Shelley have been busy generating a foetus. Now it’s judged to be ready: I just got news that the delivery process is under way!

Good luck you fecund crazy kids!


Well it was another two days of action packed fun and frivolity for me this weekend. Not. I seem to have found myself on the other side without having one unit of of lovely alchohol passed my luscious lips. Just cos saturday and sunday night was spent working like a 2 dollar whore. Yaawn. 5 hrs sleep before skool is never enough. Bought tickets to see the fabulous dandy warhols yesterday though. cant wait to see the lovely Zia McCabe shake her titties again. And if I got all 3 of those HREF’s right then i’ll be highly fuckin’ impressed with myself.

Oh Air and stu > I was kinda wondering (coy look) if one of you could do me a huge favour (plays with hair) Do you think it’d be at all possible if my friend Patsy and I could rest our weary heads on one of your floors, the night of the erasure concert? I’d ask helen or nic, but its right in the middle of exams, and I dont wanna be a pain in the ass. I’d appreciate it bigtime…

Anyway. Going out to get wasted to make up for the lack of rock n roll in my life tonight..

televisual gold: BOTY

Last night I struck pure TV gold and discovered the New Zealand show Back Of The Y. Sat through about 4 episodes and laughed my ass clean off. Alas for those with only ‘council telly’ it’s carried by MTV2.

It’s been compared to jackass but it’s a different attitude, more character- and sketch-based. My best summary is to imagine a Bad Taste-era Peter Jackson getting really drunk and remaking the violent bits from Monty Python. The level of stupidity employed is really very high indeed.

Stu, Ree, you would absolutely love it. The catchphrase to end the show (adopt thick NZ accent)?
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