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The Sun is shining. Summer is coming. My circadian rhythms have gone a bit loopy. Whooo.. Go have lunch in Princes St. Gardens. Take your socks and shoes off and let the squirrels nibble your toes. I’m with you in spirit, man.


look at the size of that apple

Hey from NY! I’m walkin’ hyeah!

Made it eventually after a killer 22hr trip, much fatigue but worth it. Just grabbing 10 mins in an easyInternet before the cinema… been to statue o’ liberty and ellis island this morning, interesting and spectacular stuff. Getting alla sightseeing out of the way before Caitlin gets back wednesday… then things get messy.

Hope y’all are keeping well, we’re eating and drinking far more than is necessary and havin a great time.

A n N

leavin’ on a jet-plane..

ello.. I’ve decided. I’m taking the year out. Coming to Edinburgh in June, sticking around until Nov. (getting a f/t job whilst i’m there..obv..) and then heading off to some resort or other (i’m thinking maybe even canada.. whistler or banff..) and doing a season. These are my final words on the matter. Today. Just away to tell my course leader to hold my entry into 3rd yr for a year. Ha.. good luck..


Right, that’s enough work for today. Going to head home and hope nothing breaks while I’m away.

Cheers all, see you later. Might get a chance to post something from the US, you never know.

racial abuse: given

Since I have unofficially decided that nip is the word of the day (or was it fuckpig?) I realise I have to share this with you…

These are a couple of entries that should belong in the now legendary Roger’s Profanisaurus. Not only is the Profanisaurus extremely funny, it is also extremely clever – yes, it is big and clever. Go and have a look.

Aaron, I hope you have finished tying up those loose ends.

Bruce Lee: Erect nipple (as in, a hard nip)

Pearl Harbour: Cold (weather). An example of it would be – “It’s a bit Pearl Harbour out there!” Meaning: there’s a nasty nip in the air

newspaper hatred

Know what I really hate? People who read newspapers from the back page.

Ignorant, fuckpig monkeys with infinitely more interest in yesterday’s football pitch trivia than in real things happening in real places. Who flick their meagre heavy-browed attention over the brightly coloured photos and scorelines of the back section before a resigned flipover and cursory glance at the 300-point headline, maybe a quick workover of page 3. Fucking blinkered scum.

Saying that, the picture of Justin Timberlake and Kylie in today’s Sun is priceless, check his expression.