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this weekend I are mostly..

…Coming to the burger to party my ass off with the Kd Lang ticket holders.. I’ll get in at about 6 tonite. Soooo.. Saturday is free, so how about the egg? would you lovely people (ie mr bell & mr Low) mind informing Mr PM, who seems to be a bit of a luddite when it comes to online matters such as these.. And Ms. Capone….? How about it?


Y’awl can catch me on 07818 842222.

See you tommorow ;)

i keep thinking it’s a Tuesday

Well hello there people (see the abundance of e’s?), i hope y’all had a crappingly good weekend, wherever and whoever you are; ‘cos i did – StrainedCragis

Ahh yes, the despair of the warm trickle down the back of the leg syndrome affected some of us during the frivolous escapades of our continuing adventures in the ‘burgh. “…I can’t take it, i don’t understand…”

You know that good ole Mattew Kelly is going to be starring in his new American Hit T.V. Show, donning black face paint and afro to match. It’s called “The Creche Prince of Bel-Air”!

!Warning! Do not read on if you are at work [fear not, no dodgy images - ed.].
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Hiya kids,

Ok.. i’ll start with a bid to redeem myself in mr bell’s eyes, for unleashing the joy that was my last entry. I still think its funny…. ok. i’m the only one. A 12 foot dump, c’mon…err ok. Here it comes

the official site. With lots of glorious jpgs, for your viewing pleasure. Keep being told I look like the brunette one. Cant see it myself. Which one is nicest, d’ythink?

My week has been as manic as usual.. Went to the doctor yesterday, cos my hip is fucking killing me, every time I take a step its like someone has stuck a bread knife in me. And he perscribed me Tramadol which, as I understand, is a post operative painkiller containing none other than the Irvine Welsh narcotic of choice, morphine. Rock on. Seems to be working a treat. He’s given me three wks worth, and seems to reckon that once the course is done, because its a muscle relaxant (drool) the nerves will have loosened up and fixed themselves. Its doubly great cos if you take them with a coupla pints you can forget the taxi and fly home on your own special magic carpet.. whooo!
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No real entry from me this week (apart from the obvious) so here goes…

Things got off to a good start with a decent Monday, me leaving work feeling buoyant and ready for the rest of the week. Then on Monday night I began to feel a little ‘sore’ and tired before falling asleep at about 10pm. Awoke on Tuesday feeling like shit. I literally had no energy (strange feeling) and every joint in my body ached – needless to say Tuesday at work was a laugh… And to top things off my appetite vanished completely. Things got a bit better later with a visit from the Jen although sustenance for the entire evening was a bowl of soup.

Things are a little better today, although the appetite just ain’t there. Can’t wait till I feel better so I can eat one of these.

a wee experiment

I’m introducing a new word today.

adj. focknig

Roughly equivalent to the colloquial bloody, but more emphatic.

Example Usage:

  • “the focknig web server is down again!”
  • “…again? Focknig hell”
  • “Stu, when are you getting a focknig round in?”

Well-read bloggers may recognise a parallel here with Rageboy’s fucknozzle. Personally I prefer comparisons with Shakespeare ; )

As an added bonus I note that Google returns absolutely no hits for this word. In other words, the next time this site is trawled, a search for focknig will return only entries from this journal. Might be interesting.

from our daily news…

After stopping for drinks at an illegal bar, a Zimbabwean bus driver found that the 20 mental patients he was supposed to be transporting from Harare to Bulawayo had escaped. Not wanting to admit his incompetence, the driver went to a near-by bus stop and offered everyone in the queue a free ride. He then delivered the passengers to the mental hospital, telling staff that they were very excitable and prone to bizarre fantasies. It took the passengers three days to convince staff of their mental stability.

plans for summer circa 27/01/03 – 10:52:47AM

Decided. Not coming back to burger to live. Thats just silly. Not giving dundee a chance.

Instead.. semester ends in joon. Will be back for summer, and continue faaabulous and wonderful design education again in october.

Excellent.. Means I can have the best of both worlds. Now all I need is a job in the burger for summer, and I’m sorted.

Oh.. and REM are headlining the main stage at t in the park this summer (as well as glasto..) and I think the dandy warhols are gonna make it like, their 10th summer there too.. so it should be an epic one.

Looking forward to it. Its gonna be the best yet.. :D