Monthly Archives: December 2002

aargh! my fingers!

Well it’s a funny old week and no mistake, and only Wednesday.

Monday: enlivened by a spontaneous trip to see Primal Scream, featuring Bobby Gillespie (limp), Mani (haircut) and Kevin Shields (fat, permed and bored).

Tuesday: an auspicious omen… on the way home from work who should I walk past and stare at in a it can’t be him, fuck me it is kind of way but… baldy, otter-hating Terry Nutkins.
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…and I’m spent

Hi. Finally got the techy bits sorted out so the journal is live, more or less. Hopefully get some content and stuff soon.

After all the hard work to get cross-browser loveliness, I notice that IE 5.0x fucks up the layout. This means IE versions 5.0x, 5.5 and 6 all interpret CSS in excitingly different ways… argh. Time to stare at until inspiration strikes. Best viewed with IE 5.5+, Opera, Mozilla, Phoenix or Netscape.